30 December 2008


I should going back to UTM tonight, but something comes out.

Ok. I did teman my mom pegi bomoh just now. If you still remember ada satu time tu before final my mom did sakit. Well, till now pun she still suffering. Kiteorang daripada pegi klinik then g hospital kerajaan then private hospital pulak. But then my mom still sakit-sakit. And getting worst now. Lagi-lagi bila time maghrib and tengah malam. So last solution kiteorang is pegi jumpa this bomoh yang my aunty did recomemded la kan.

To be honest la kan, memang at first langsung tak percaya tau dengan this stuff but after seeing it by myself just now mmg gerun la beb. Not my mom la kan, but a patient before my mom did jerit-jerit dengan voices yang menakutkan. Sampai rasa panas semacam that place. Scary tak?

When it comes to my mom’s turn mmg kesian la tengok my mom. I know she did suffering, time pegang tangan mak tu mmg sejuk sangat. Suprisingly, someone did that to my mom. Ada hantu raya belaan kat my mom now. Macam tak percaya je. ‘Bomoh’ tu siap describe lagi siapa yang bagi binatang tu kat mak. Pergh… macam nak pegi kat tempat kerja mak and slap that bitch like thousands times je! Did she ever think if someone did that to her mom pulak?

Hurm. I need to go there again tomorrow. I just hope apa-apa yang ada kat dalam badan mak tu akan keluar cepat. My mom dah suffering sakit gitu for months. Tak sanggup nak tengok lagi. So, I’ll be home tomorrow night. :)


I can’t wait for my class tomorrow. Well, over-excited to meet my classmates!!

Yeah, I want to sit next to Jijot and tell him about everything during my holiday. Digging some of his secret especially bout his ‘love’ story. And I want to go to Kedah! So need to ask him bout that.

I want to stay with Eacha and Yanti. Collect some new gossip among the girls. Well, I miss to hug them!!!

Luby? He is not in my mind. But I really want to know what happening between him and Illy gebam. Woho.. si lelaki buaya darat yang unik. ;p

Hahaha. Well, nak duduk ngan siapa esok eh? Steel design dowh at 8 a.m. Its killing me!

I can’t wait to meet ABG’s too!!!!
Please… I’m craving for the jokes and stories and eating ayam penyet and girls night. Owh. I really miss them!!!

Hopefully, all this mental disorder will go away once I have my life back. Life full of friends and family and the assignments and the books to read. At least I’m not wasting my time thinking bout the stupid feelings.