16 December 2008


1. What is your phone number?
- I won’t publish it here.

2. Who do you miss?
- Girlfriends.

3. Who do you love?
- Family & friends.

4. How are you?
- Fine but not in the good mood. A jerk pop up today ruined my mood.

5. How many siblings do you have?
- 3

6. Where were you yesterday?
- Home. Doing nothing.

7. Rain fall down, what do you think of?
- It is time to sleep. =D

8. What was the last dream you had about?
- Something about having new person in my life. Hurm.. weird!

9. Are you a lover or hater?
- Both. But mostly depends on my mood.

10. Have you ever been kissed on the cheeks ?
- Who doesn’t?

11. When was the last time you cried? Why?
- Few weeks ago kot.

12. What is wrong with you?
- Yeah, what’s wrong with me? I really hate to have these feeling!

13. Are you a player?
- I wish I could be one. Muahahahahahaha.

14. Are you lonely?
- Who knows? ;p

15. When was the last time you hangout? with?
- Last week. With my bro.

16. Will you kiss someone tomorrow?
- I don’t know.

17. If you're given $1000, what will you do?
- The reason they giving me money? Saving KOT.

18. What will you do tomorrow?
- My organizer is empty. So no specific activity.

19. Are you mad?
- Kinda. Ergh. The presence of ‘it’ make me feel so stupid.

20. Who's your girlfriend?
- My sis.

21. kissed o hugs?
- Hugs.

22. father o mother?
- Both. I just too depend on them.

23. sista o brotha?
- Both. Hihi.

24. money o lyfe?
- Emm.. tricky dowh. Money do leads to a better life. So it will be money. Hahaha.

25. eat o drink?
- Nak tercekik hape makan tade air?

26. study o work?
- Study ++ part time job. Muahahaha. Still get the monthly allowances and payment.

27. shopping o chilling?
- Chilling.

28. dancing o singing?
- Singing!

29. pink o black?

30. cold o hot?
- Both.

31. snow o fire?
- Snow.

32. cooking o washing?
- Washing.

33. hp o pc?
- Toptop.

34. cola o sprite?
- Cola.

35. coupled o married?
- Single tade?

36. chicken o beef?
- Chicken! Makan ayam tiap-tiap hari pon takpe.

37. chocolate o ice cream?
- Choc. Haiya… my choc stock dah habis. Need to buy it tomorrow.

38. funny o serious?
- Funny. But when it comes to serious matter be serious la.

39. miss o love?
- Hohoho. Hate?

40. cried o killed?
- Killed. Killing is the best way to solve a problem. HAHAHA.