12 July 2009


Entry at the midnight again lah!
So well, today I do nothing. Just keluar berjalan-jalan for a while with my sis. Looking for new tudung and black inner. Rasa macam dah banyak je inner but apesal macam banyak hilang? Gehe… well, I still looking for tudung for sport je sekarang. And a bag untuk pegi kelas berserta selipar yang molek untuk pakai dengan baju kurung. Wehe~
Nafsu besar terhadap buying things lah!

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Even I haven’t packed my things yet, still nak excited lebih. I’m bored with my practical lah, tu yang rasa study is much more better. Wuhuu~

Okeh la, nothing else to say. Goodbye and good night!

Randomsays: I just don’t know how I can like him at the first place. He is so damn hot! Surprisingly, that guy is Malay and I’ll be in excited state each time I see him. No more TV for next week, so there will be no him. Gonna miss you much handsome, till next weekend thru catch up tv.

p.s: Why lah guna randomsays pula? Sangat banyak baca blog orang punya influence. Grrr.

p.p.s: You, keep packing, I can’t wait!