21 July 2009

Unexpected present.

I already start my futsal practice. Even I know I am not a good player but still I want to play. At least I do something for my college while do sport for my own good. Hiks.

Just now he did call me and asked me to meet him in front of my block. Well, I expected his call but I never expect to get something from him. He gave a sock. Yeah, socks. Maybe a good luck charm for my futsal practice? :p
Seriously unexpected. And I don’t know how he knows that I only have a few of socks je, just 3 in my cupboard. Sila gelak if you want too. I just don’t know why la sangat rasa wasting beli stoken tu. (-.-“)
One of the sock tu my mom belikan as unexpected gift jugak. SOCKS okay?! But another two tu, I bought time desperate nak main boling but tade socks. Sila gelak lagi. I know I still si fakir stoken.

My class had been started. But, I’m facing this problem, my mind is still in the idle mode. It just go nowhere while my lecturer giving their lecture. At the end of each class, I just don’t know what I had been listening before. I need to pay more attention in the class. Must!
(Cita-cita pelajar tahun akhir. Sila muntah.)

Oklah, need to get ready for my practice. And I can’t wait to eat! Lapar~


najdanhotchocolate said...

hakim tiru terq!!
tactic same juz situation laen.
heh yana,i got a lot of socks from terq,coz everytime kitowg jumpe,we'll buy one.
poorly tha latest one misplace.sob3.

btw kumpulla socks byk2 bleh citer kat ank cucu.

Diana said...

Hahaha. i now u guys punye cerita stokin sbb i ade bace ur entry b4. I sgt susah na pakai stoken melainkan time do sport je kot.

cutikan? mai sini lah!