10 July 2009

Lets blog.

I am super bored with my blog now. Maybe I need to change my layout to make the mood come back. I’m trying to choose the simplest layout. Hihi. And will change the song too. Let him rest in peace by himself. :)

Yesterday I did accompany my ex-roommate to my lecturer’s house. Heh, Dr Norhisham house lah! Over excited, even he said that his wife giving her birth I still excited to see him. I bought fruits for his family and ask about his new baby, it’s a boy! I’ll visit him again with my girlfriends to see that baby. Haha.. His house is big and modern concept. Sumpah cantik sampai I said, “Dr, nak tengok sampai dapur boleh tak?” And he said, “Go on, buatkan air untuk kawan awak sekali.” But I did not, takut woo rumah orang. No photo taken sebab I didn’t bring my sayangness digicam and my phone super kokak amik gambar tak cantik. ;p

I already take my parcel. New couple shirt. Hihi. Gediklah! But then I still like that shirt sebab dia panjang melepasi my butt. And I still wait for my other parcel. And I am looking for long cardigan online. Sejak bila mula shop online ni?!
New resolution for July, I need to save money. Do part-time job and save that money too. And the best part after all the saving things, shopping at Singapore during sale. Mesti!

Haih, I should post an entry about my cousin wedding. But, my laptop charger dah rosak and all the photo is in my laptop, so still no entry lah! Nvm, after their honeymoon yang I also don’t know when, I will make sure the entry is there include their photo yang berlambak lagi. Another must do thing ni!

And if you guys realize, my facebook profile semalam suddenly I’m being single. Please don’t take it too seriously sebab my guy ini seriously gedik using my facebook and changed my status segala. It is nothing, all already been fixed. ;p

Today is my last day of internship. Thank God, I don’t need to be there and do weird things. My class will starts on Monday! And I can’t wait to gather back with my classmate and share about our intern. And I can’t wait to see their faces sebab most of them are getting dark now. Miahahahaha. Three hours free karaoke with my lesbo and I want to spend my time with ABG. Not forgetting my guy, even I need to share you dengan dota. Heh. Itu binatang buruk yang dah mandrem banyak lelaki kat dunia. ;p

Oh, to Najah. Get well soon! And enjoy dating. Ahad ni my turn pula nak dating! Hiks. Study juga, UPS dah dekat kan? ;p ;p
(Apa tu UPS? So-back-to-zaman-matrix)

Last but not least, I already have new Maxis number. I can’t find my old sim card. Class-mate and faculty-mates, I’ll let you know my number once we start our semester. And to those yang lain-lain, I’ll contact you thru FB and give you my new number. (-.-“)

Ish, suddenly the entry jadi panjang pula. Okehlah, goodbye!


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

welcoming new sem...
me wont be there...
ngak usah sedeyh yea..

Diana said...

hehe. no night life lg la u tade. ;p
bt then sila melawat i eh nanti!