19 July 2009


The quick one.

1. My mom dah start suruh pack my things yg sumpah gila bersepah. Need to balik campus before hari gelap.

2. I still berfikir what song should I download even dah mcm puluh-puluh new songs ade kat my window. (baru lepas download oii)

3. I bought new seluar untuk sport, mane tah yang lama punya hilang. Need one for futsal practice.

4. I bought Helios Eclipse epilog. The latest one lah! Hihi. I had been waiting for it for a long time. :)

5. Makan dengan melampau just now. Rasanya don’t need to eat for two days kot sbb totally full.

6. My tabung is empty now. I need to start over, while duit for last sem next week hantar g bank.

7. I sleep more than enough but still rasa nak tidur. Why?!

8. I miss my darlings ABG. Hiks. Even baru satu hari tak jumpa. ;p ;p

9. I’m about to make a cheerleader group for my futsal team and for UTM’s squash team. ;p

10. My sis dah bising so I need to stop now. Goodbye darlings!