27 July 2009

Emo gedik.

While having hot Milo, listening to the music and reading pdf about my assignment, something popping in my mind. It’s something that I should keep it safe at my precious blog. Something to be shared to others, even I know it would be quite emotional.

You gave me the friendship smile first time I met you.
But you’re the one who said, “I don’t know you” at the end.

You gave me the hope.
Even I know it is fake, I do believe.
Then you leave me with the hopes, blur.

You’re like a sun while I’m facing the dark night.
Then you’re gone, leaving me in the most darkest night.

You promised that you’ll always be with me, during my ups and downs.
But you let me down and didn’t turn back.

HAHA. Laugh it all out. Apesal la suddenly feels like want to write something terribly emotionally jiwang. Okeh, need to keep on doing my assignment.

Good nights all!