13 July 2009

I saw him

First of all, can I say that F word? Ishh. First day of my schoolday je dah kena saman. It was like, ohh pegi matilah to that person. Can he see that there is not enough parking here? So, what is he expected? Jalan jauh and park kereta jauh-jauh? No way la man, kes curi kat bilik my sis you guys tak settlekan langsung sedangkan it was the college fault. What if my car suddenly hilang? Totally you can’t do anything. And as you well known this university has 29 construction places inside here. So strangers sangatlah ramai sampaikan kes curi sangat banyak now. Can I trust this place lagi?
Pikirlah sikit oiii. And RM 25 is big to be wasted to a useless college like this. Pay my sis approximately RM 850 then baru I changed my mind lah. You are a great college sebab memahami pelajar. F lah!

Still haven’t bought my pillow. Ish, I miss home. Hehehe. Sumpah gedik sebab rumah sekangkang kera.

Btw, my class cancelled today. All of it. Wasted day and baju semua, ohhh.. serta tenaga. Please lah, apesal la rasa clumsy sangat? Hiks. But since dah jadi senior, I tried to be more matured. (heh, am i? did i?)

What else? I already watched transformer. Lambat kentang kan? But then, I just don’t know why I’m not that interested with that movie. I mean, I waited to the movie to be end cepat-cepat. Siap bisik kat orang sebelah, “My butt is getting hot now, I just can’t stand sitting here anymore.” And I still complain that on my way back. Then realize cite tu more than 2 and half hour. I prefer Transformer yang first tu, you can call me weird if you want too. ;p

Just now I did shop for my room a lil’ bit and guess what, I saw Fizo lah! Baru perasan that he is there setelah berjuta kali I did going there. I mean, there is a lot of his poster there. Grrrrr. Terlalu adorable lah dia tu! And my guy terus tarik I pegi department lain sebab menyampat tengok my over excited face. He did throw Fizo picture yang I dah letak kat my organizer for few month since LI start. That pictures la yang makes me have the mood to do my report in the organizer. Gonna miss his presence but lepas ni letak Hakim’s pictures pulak biar dia puas hati. Haha! (Pegi amik bucket muntah kat tepi ;p)

Okeh la, need to mandi and do something usefull at least once today. Goodbye bloggy!

RandamSays: I don’t want teddy bears but I want a mascot bear. It must be big, huggable, and it must be you. (Ok, kidding!)


Anonymous said...

kite kene mandi bunga larh seyh sem neh..
awal2 sem da mcm f...

Diana said...

ish. apesal i taley bace ur blog? MARAH LA NI!