23 July 2009


After a long time being here at UTM, now I know how to use UTM Wi-Fi. I know, pathetic. I always using private wireless network before so I don’t really know how to use it. Hihi.

Well, yesterday my car keys did hilang and I told everyone about that. I also did blaming Hakim for that, siap suruh dia bangun and look for it at his car. But at the end of the morning, Hakim saw it at the grass in-front of my block. I possibly tercicir that thing while kelam kabut nak pegi kelas without realize it. Ok I know, clumsy and sengal. So it is just waste of time for me to redah hujan semata-mata nak cari kunci kat bilik. Gaha!

And well, I might be have a presentation tomorrow morning la oh. And I was like, sumpah gila haram bosan to wake up early in the morning. Oi, tak reti nak tidur ke makcik? Oklah, need to sleep. As I know how to use the Wi-Fi now, I bet the entry takde la that kesian as before. (Hopefully!)

Good Night darlings!

p.s: I miss you MIKAH DEAR. Opss!