25 October 2010

Day 4 - BF Challenge

5 facts about your boyfriend

#1  I hate the fact that he spend most of his day time by sleeping and awake during the night like an owl. So to Hakim's next girlfriend, you need to be patient if he ignored your call during the day. It is hopeless to wake him up. Pfffft,

#2  He is patient. I had a terrible mood swing and sometimes I just mumble/complaining/cursing at him while I had a terrible day. He just listen to me without any word. Or maybe he pretend to listen to me while playing dota. But at least yeah he lend me his ear by listen to me.

#3  He is not a guy into car or driving. Basically we always had a problem when it comes to drive. We hates driving so much until sometimes we just don't go anywhere because we're too lazy to drive. So Hakim is not a gentleman type guy who drive when we're out for a date. Em-em'

#4  Name it, Hakim is so into sport even he seems like a weak-I-don't-have-strength type guy. HAHA. He watch football more than webcam-ing me and same goes to badminton, F1, Motor GP ect ect. Twice in a week he will be out either playing futsal or maybe badminton or whatever it is, i just don't give a damn on it. Guys, they just loves hanging out than staying at home don't they?

#5  He is different when he is with me. Totally different. I don't date a cold hearted, aloof, boring guy - that is just a damn mask he wore in front of the others. He is the one who talks much, childish, and he is the one that I comfortable to hang out with.

But then again, I do hate him as much as I do love him. Or maybe I hate him more than I do love him. He is the pain in my ass, he is a damn boyfriend, but still, he is one of my option. I won't let myself totally fall for someone. :-)


echasuzrin said...

good pain is it??
all the best for both of u....

Rebelle Me said...

both of u mmg so sweet laaaa!

Anonymous said...

ha3... ^_^

Diana Naubi said...

good pain tp always kena control marah. heee. sabar sabar. :D

btw, thanks babe! ♥