22 October 2010

Day 1 - BF challenge

Where did you meet your boyfriend?

First time i met him is during the end of 1st year during my studies. He is Aryanti's friend. I just give a glimpse to him and continue eating or maybe texting my current BF at that moment. But i can't deny that he caught my attention la kot that moment. So our first meet will be at keropok lekor Pulai la kot. ;-p

Only when i was in 3rd year baru we start knowing each other. And another unplanned meeting is at Bibik's ayam penyet. Which all of the sudden he pop-ed up and join our table and eat with us. And yeah, i don't talk much at that moment. Third time meeting baru macam planned punya thing, i asked him to join me and my friends do bowling. And yes, as usual i kalah. (-.-")

We usually date around utm, i guess. We watch football together at P19, eat ice cream at Azah or maybe Kolej 12. We watch movie at U-Mall because it is near and cheap. Where else? Hurm, i think i miss UTM and him and friends. ;(

FYI, now we rarely date. Or we just do the skype-ing thingy with the webcam. We talk for hours and play games and brag about anything.


echasuzrin said...

hahhaa.... di entry jd best bile bygkan u ngn hakim... hehehe... cute2..

eeqa~ said...

haha! betol2~ tengah imagine nieyh.. tengah imagine~ :)

aryanti said...

saya jd matchmaker ye?hahahaha

Carl Samsudin said...

ekeleh.... hahaha.

Diana Naubi said...

yana dengan hakim sometimes pening-pening kot. segan je.

and yes yanti, u mmg match maker. thank you darling.

alif jeles wekwek