25 October 2010

Monday Craps

I don't need you to be me. My life would be just my family, me, me, me, me, me and me. So I don't care about you or your opinion or whatever you might think because it is just me. And why did you care if I am the freaking b*tch? It is me and I am the only one who knows what am I doing or why am I acted like this. Heh, self obsession in the middle of the night. (-.-")

And why on earth I am still awake as tomorrow is Monday and probably it will be a blue Monday and it is a mooday for me . At least I should get enough sleep tonight so I can be wise tomorrow. Eh, did I ever act wise? Oh, you don't need to tell because I don't really give a sh*t to it.

Oh, I don't think I am a b*tch yet because I am not the freaking prostitute and I always follow the curfew that my parent have made and I am still aware of limits of a Muslim girlwoman. But yeah, I don't wear hijab yet, not good, not good. But girls who don't wear hijab is not a b*tch don't they? Now I feel bad.

Akayy, i started to be emotional because I am sleepy and I can't accept the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I need to wake up early, drive through the heavy jam, do things to earn money and need to stay awake till 9p.m at least. Haih. I wish I am a new born baby. (-.-")

I better get my ass off to bed. Night earthlings if you're still awake and get yourself read this stup*d entry. And enjoy your Monday/Mooday or what every you want to call it for those who read this emm  during the day. Harhar.

p.s: I've watch 3 episodes of True Blood, so much of naked warewolf, 2 or 3 censored parts, and lots of killing scene like killing is not a crime. Whatever it is, vampire, warewolf, shifter - they don't really exist. So why do I waste my time watching it? Oh, yes, the hot guy I remember. I love watching hot guy acted like a vampire. But excuse me, I don't adore Edward-Twilight because he is too skinny, I need muscles here and there. ;-p

p.p.s: I totally need to sleep now. For real BYE!


eeqa~ said...

i suke bile u tulis geram2 macam nieyh.. hehehehehe...


Diana Naubi said...

ahahaha. sebab obvious gila i ni kuat membebel bila tension. ;p