24 October 2010

Day 3 - Boyfriend challenge

Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend

Ehem, favourite picture? Oh well, he is not photogenic but well, I had one in mind.

We're at Delicious at that moment, and suddenly Mzyyh snap our picture so tada both of us posing like a sweet couple but we're not. Hehs. And we won't. I love the bright shirt colour. Oh yeah, he didnt touch me hokey at that time, no dia tak pegang belakang i sebab kami memang tak romantik. But eyy, why lah i love the peace pose, buat i rasa childish. (-.-")

Ehem, there are story behind the shirt he wore. ROTFL. He need to learn more about shopping after this. Sambung giggle. Night earthling! I though tak sempat nak buat day 3 challenge due to the screamyx, but then okey pula. So yeah. Done with day 3!

p.s: I've watched Life As We Know It yesterday! Wait for the review okey. ♥