13 August 2009

I'm Back

I can feel the mood to blog. And it was great because I seem like forgetting my blog and surely it do hurts. Haha.

Today is Thursday and the pesta konvo already open. Surely I have a place to go while bosan kentang at my room. I need to save money and cut my entertainment outside. Besides, loads of things need to be done but I haven’t started doing anything. Damn me, why it is hard for me to realize it is my final year and I need to focus with my subjects besides of my riang ria life ini? Muhasabah diri.

I face such a harsh week. Firstly it is all about RC test. If you know how much I’m hating this subject until all my nerves will change if I know that test is around the corner. Even how hard I put an effort to make the subject easy but at the end I’ll disappoint with myself because it always gonna be sucks. And it is still sucks yesterday. What on earth am I taking civil engineering if I really do hate the structure subjects?

And, did I tell you that I’m facing some boyfriend-girlfriend problems? But I won’t publish it here lah. We’re okay now, as the time goes by it’s gonna be better. Hopefully. Thanks to those who always listen to my craps in YM or need to hear I talk for 10 minutes non-stop. I guess to those people, you know me well lah. And surely you guys miss to hear my voice membebel bak kereta api yang takde brek kan.

I did private my blog for a while jugak. It is all because of lack of entry sampai I felt sorry for myself and close the blog. Tah pape je. But well, I guess after having this tough week I need this thing to share.

Suddenly rasa macam writing diary pula. So long darling!