17 August 2009


1. My guy said, “Duduk macam tu je dah boleh dapat duit eh?”

2. I had nothing to do beside of looking to each person yang walk by.

3. Yes, I’m working at Giant but every week tukar spot.

4. I still have another a month to be with them but I am happy with that even dah nak puasa.

5. You can kutuk me if I’m being free hair. I don’t mind.

6. I love to hang out with Kak Ann my so called boss sebab when I am with her I don’t know how to stop laughing.

7. Most of my friend kat Celcom kuat melatah sampai boleh buat music.

8. They call me the miss-sound-effect.

9. Singaporean is my costumer, the one that I need to approach.

10. This will be the last Celcom project that I will follow. Insya-Allah.