16 August 2009


I’m home. Just got back from my part time job and it was great. And I am pretty sure it always gonna be great. But my entry won’t be long la kot as I am damn sleepy right now and I already gave the good night call to him padahal mencicit keluar bilik lagi nak update blog. So yeah, I miss to blog.

Being at home the internet is super-superb. So I browse some pages and realized that how kataknya I sebab miss loads of gossip and news. Kasihan. I also catch up with the entry from my favorite blog that I usually read. Damn, why the net at UTM getting worst now? And why I still felt that wasting RM98 monthly for broadband is wasting? Ye la, I can go back home if I really need to use the internet. But seriously, I miss the ‘surfing’ life la.

The only things that can make me laugh and said, “Apesal la patung-patung ni comel sgt?” To play this things make me feel more relaxed. After this I need to buy Tamagochi la, so my sifat keibuan terhadap cute things will be given to that imaginary pet.

Guys, I realized something, I love the babies now. Certain time I have the feeling to kidnap cute baby so that I can take care of it until I get bored. Just now I met Haris the baby, seriously that baby sangat chubby even just 8 months old. And he seems like know what am I saying to him sampai gelak-gelak and touch my hand semua. His mom sampai kata her baby flirts with ‘kakak’. So I need to kawin early and have babies so that I can play with them. If tak kawin pun I don’t mind, if dah kerja I’ll make sure to be like Angie. Jaga anak angkat ramai-ramai. Haha. Sila tumbuk saya sampai pengsan. (-.-“)

Okay, I can’t stand it anymore. Need to sleep.
Good nights love!