19 August 2009

Worried okay

My friend’s dad used to be UTM lecturer before. Suddenly called my friend as ask her when UTM will be officially closed because of H1N1. He heard something from our lecturer. H1N1 is getting worst darling, please take note that.

Her dad said that there already has a victim at UTM, a student dead because of the virus. But yet UTM still don’t want to let us know because of the convocation week. And there’s also a lecturer had been place in the ICU because of the virus. So can you see its worst now? Please, if you did ever go to the pesta konvo, wear lah mask. Risau oii. And another thing that ‘her dad’ advise us is for those yang tinggal jauh try lah find the bus ticket because there is possibility UTM will be closed.

Guess what, because of that I did go to the pharmacy and bought lotsa mask! But I haven’t found the one yang bercorak-corak and colourfull. Manalah diorang dapat those cute masks? And I did bring my sanitizer everywhere just in case. Yeah I know, apesal la suddenly I’m being like this. GAHA!

I have test tomorrow. And I have loads of plans for tomorrow. After the test at 2.30p.m I will go to pesta konvo with my roommate and googling for another new tudung. At night I already had plan with my siblings untuk makan together. I can’t wait!

Okay, I need to continue my reading. Good night darlings!

p.s: I heard that the lecturer passed away just now. But I am not sure either it is true or not. Haih. (-.-“)