26 August 2009


Woah, now I realized that my blog is already one year old! I usually deleted my blog once I get tense with something before, but this time I keep using this just certain time I did changing my url for all this while if I did get bored with my blog. But so far, its already a year since few days ago. Why I don’t even celebrate her birthday? Jangan berkecil hati ok sayangku. Gaha.

I am busy with my thesis now. Need to read two examples of thesis for my reference. Damn I am stress with this thing. And why certain time I felt awkward to face someone I am not really into now? Or am I the one who making the gap to everyone? It is weird but its feels great to be natural. At least I’m trying too be me with everyone.

Fasting week is tiring but I realized that I’m getting busy nowadays. Hish. Life still goes on even its killing me softly. Damn. Damn. FYP macam kentang! I saw a poster about further study at UNITEN. And it is by research related to hydrology. It caught my eyes once I saw it, but Hydrology is so not my lane of work. Gaha. Tanya bapa later on.

Mikah, thanks for the present, the time and the gedik-gedik. Hiks. I had fun yesterday. Malam ni kita main futsal okay? ;p

p.s: Am I invisible? Am I?