14 August 2009

Eat lah

Yeah it is me again, blog. It seems like I love to type while waiting for the super lembap internet connection to get connected.

Just now I’m having my dinner at P19 somewhere in UTM. I bet I am rarely having my dinner at UTM since I have my car with me. Reason why I hate to eat in UTM cafĂ© is because of their services yang super damn poor. I need to wait for 10 minutes for the waiter to take my order, itu pun I need to call him while dia sedang hantar makanan to the table in front of me. Then I ordered roti telur and my friend ordered the roti-roti thing juga but he said kuah tanak sambal.

But when the order sampai, both of the kuah ada sambal while my spoon ada stain yang macam bekas makanan. When I saw my spoon tu I was like damn I hate to be here. Rasa regret melampau. My mood to eat dah pergi mana tah but I still bangun and wash my spoon segala. So moral of this entry is, UTM is not the best place to eat.

Any suggestion? Best place to eat at JB now?

So enough of the complaining, terima kasih dan selamat malam.