27 August 2009


While everybody else seems like busy doing their assignments, I sleep and stuck under my blanket. Yes, it is comfy to be there. The best place untuk nangis juga. Oh, please, I’m not being emotional. I just want to describe the goodness of being on my bed even you’re not sleepy.

I realized that since Ramadhan starts, I haven’t made any revision at all. So you know how my mind works now? I just follow the flow, listen to anything that my lecture said in front of the class, attend discussion without any ideas, and copying the notes without reading it. Damn, my brain seems like broken okay sebab useless sangat. But yesterday I played who has the biggest brain, I felt something buzzed my mind/brain/myself. Gaha!
Blame me cause became such a brainless human nowadays. (-.-“)

I miss home and I’m going back home again tomorrow and have my mom’s cooking as my breaking fast food as I well-known the bazaar ramadhan now is not as great as before. Blame the H1N1, some of the people hate to be in the crowd now. So the bazaar seems like, boringgggg.

I want to take a nap before going for a talk about degree plus plus. And its raining outside. Best time to sleep meh! Goodbye~

p.s: I want to eat; nasi ambang, pudding custard, bubur lambuk, bubur kacang, & onde-onde. And not forgetting, my mom’s kuih boyan. Damn-damn, suddenly lapar.