29 August 2008

Sagittarius Babe.

Taking this from my friend yang obviously Sagi Baby too. This year we'll celebrate our birthday together k. ;-)

People Said That SAGITTARIUS

*The Happy-Go-Lucky One - it is so me kot.
*Good-natured optimist. - sedikit-sedikit semakin optimis. Lol!
*Doesn't want to grow up . - miss my childhood moment much!
*Indulges self. - had enough think of others kot
*Boastful.- is it? Macam tak. Talkative yes, boastful NAHHH..
*Likes luxuries and gambling. - Who doesn't like luxuries? BIG no to gambling.
*Social and outgoing. - Social, think twice la. Outgoing yes!
*Doesn't like responsibilities. - I am not ready yet.
*Often fantasizes. - It was like my must do thingy!
*Impatient. - When it comes to driving or not in mood.
*Fun to be around. - Ask them, i don't know.
*Flirtatious. - Err.. depends on my mood.
*Doesn't like rules. - Rules is stupid! Life is for enjoy, why do we need rules?
*Sometimes hypocritical. - Coz i don't want to hurt others.
*Dislikes being confined. - Don't stop me, this is my precious own life.
*Doesn't like being doubted. - Trust it is all i need.
*Beautiful inside and out. - I don't think so.

*Having lots of friends. - Yeah. I am friendly.

p.s : Human is complicated & cannot been decribed by those horoscope or anything. Just get to know them 1st then judge. It is not easy to built the trust but once it broken it won't be the same~