29 August 2008

Wahai Ahmad Amirul Amin~

Happy 21st Birthday Ahmad Amirul Amin!
Hiks. May Allah bless you Ciki. Even u dah sombong since ada 'dia'.
Heh. i don't need to doakan ur jodoh coz i know u'll always find one.
Semoga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki. So dat once u da keje, kene belanje org!
May ur birthday wish comes true.
Good luck for the test! Full mark ok bday boy~
Enjoy ur day wahai senpai ciki.
Ciki-Miki-Tiki, Haha. Rememba time 1st year?
p.s : the pixie was taken at RC Design class. Hiks. They said his face was different at this moment. Is it? Getting older punya abang. ;p