18 October 2008

Window shopping online

Berwindow shopping kat net make me sick! Lagi-lagi when the brand tak masuk Malaysia lagi. I love this Ed Hardy cap! Seventeen, i hate you! Looking for a cap, then terjatuh cinta kat satu cap from Ed Hardy dalam Seventeen itu. But memang takde kat M'sia la kan. Syed, i envy u, ada kasut Ed Hardy eyh? After my final mahu pegi S'pore and grab something from Ed Hardy shop. Cap la for sure. Be different meh. Alahai.. need to saving la gini! My dad KEDEKUT singapore dollar. Ergh.. Dah la the price is $55.00. RM100++ for a cap, grr.. i need to think twice now.

Another something in my list is wedges. So berjalan pula ke webpage Jimmy Choo as dalam lagu t-shirt ada mention that brand. But seriously sedar diri la kan i can't afford pun the things there. Thats why i called it window shopping online. Haha. I can't find my fav heels pun as i am not into this girly things. But i had found my heels if i want to get married. Alahai.. the price is RM450. Ergh, not worth it!

Then, i'm going to Manolo Blahnik page pula. Haha. Heard bout this brand from Labels & Love song. But the shoes there sangat gila pelik and i can't find the price for me to konon-konon planning untuk beli. Heh. Out from that page googling for Nike, alemak back to somewhere i belong. Then i found this cute cap. Haha. Kawaiii-des! If anyone did jumpa this capkan, let me know ok.

Aduhaii.. need rest pula ini mata. Hihi.