06 October 2008


Everytime I think I'm closer to the heart
Of what it means to know just who I am
I think I've finally found a better place to start
But no one ever seems to understand
I need to try to get to where you are
Could it be, you're not that far?

I gotta find you. Hope to see you soon dear friend. :)

To 'that' person, I'm sorry goodbye.

Watching Hot & Cold music video just now. Haha. Love it! I'm dedicating this song to you too dear friend. (Text you later, i don't want to let the gossip spread if i write your name here. Poyo hell.)
Ahah, Alif got any clue? Not this time ok. ;p

Back to UTM tomorrow morning. Hate it! ;(


cOkeLAt ciNtaku said...

olla darl..
u've been tagged..
xtawu la mende2 tag ni..
but i jz tagged u!~
see my blogee~