07 October 2008

Good luck.

Unfortunately, it is different from what i've expected. Yes, we planning, but we're not the one who write the fates. Don't complain, face it. We need too, we have too. Like Epa's quote, I may be small and weak outside, but inside i have the strenght of a horse. Yeah, need to be strong deep inside our heart. The way we think should be more matured than your 'childish' face. So we won't easily get affected by the surrounding. I hate problems, but i did learn something from that. I loves making mistake, but i will make sure i won't repeat the same mistake twice. There is a second chance but if you get the third, forth or fifth chance, it is not the same.

Ways to get rid of your history, just let it be. Trash it and don't look back. There is a better future waiting for you if you did care bout your future more than you past. No more regrets for my future. No more "if i can turn back time" words. No more stupid mistakes. New resolution huh? ;p

Good luck with the papers.
Good luck with your assignments.
Good luck with our wars.
Good luck with the heart broken.
Good luck with your life.

p.s : Gambate!