20 October 2008

Selamat Pagi!

Thanks for coming kawan-kawan. Even tak ramai pun yang datang kali ni because of transportation problem. But then terima kasih banyak-banyak. :)

To my ex, Mohd Shahrizan, thanks for coming too. I know its been a long time you're not coming here as you are busy with your girlfriend before this. Sorry if i'm being too childish eh coz watching Nemo than Top Gear. Halemak, raya-raya wat ape tengok Top Gear dude?

After a while dia balik, he texted me and ask me out for a movie. Haha. Thanks coz bringing me out. And thanks for the em.. date? Heh. Dating with the big brother. Aisyh.. (Nasib baik u dah single, takde la rase guilty going out with you.)

Ok la, my sis dah bising-bising suruh siap-siap balik UTM. Benci dowh! Later.