07 October 2008


I don't know why, feeling down right now.
No one to talk too, no one to call, no one to chat with.
There is no one for me to share what i feel right now.

That person is right, i am emo. But this is a place where i can express my exact feeling without thinking what others gonna judge me. I don't mind if they did judge me by reading all my craps here. But me being here is me when i am not ok or over excited. So please don't take my words here seriously. And please don't judge me.

1 message received
Sorry, to wake you up by a message. Thanks coz being with me. You're the best. :)
Glad to have you in my friend list. I'll be there too if you really need someone ok. Balas jasa.

Maybe you would not know this. But if i could, i will shout it lout saying that i miss you so damn much but i can't. Come here, let me whisper it so that you know it.