30 October 2008


Real love does not demand perfection
but actually embrances imperfection.

Don't expect me to be perfect. You make me feel complete. Thats why i need you.

You are my happiness
my laugh
my tears
my sadness
my crazyness
my other half
How could i survive without those emotions?

p.s : I am a single lady okay!

♥ ♥ ♥

So damn lazy to do my revision. I had enough sleep last night. Woke up at 10 a.m. Aiyoooooo. Starving! Ergh.. i want to watch High School Musical 3!!! But no one wants to watch that movie. So i need to wait till Disney Channel plays it. Checking eurosport aite now.

Hull City 0 - 3 Chelsea
Hahahaha. Arsenal memang looser gila ape kalah ngan Bandar Hull dulu?

And till now still a looser coz seri aje dengan Spurs. Lucky i'm not wasting my time watch it last night and have a good sleep. Hiks. Next week Arsenal - Man U, sure ramai gila booking nak tengok same coz nak bahan aku. Me, Diana Bt Naubi, won't watch the match with Man U fan. Hahahahhaa. Lagipun, someone on my mind now. I want to watch with him. Hope you can make it. :)

Enough it enough.