12 October 2008


Siblings, thanks for today ok. (Includes Shahril & Shahrizan)
No pixie taken sebab segan hell kat Shahrizan. He is my first guy who teach me what the meaning of missing. Love? Still young back then. Lucky me, i dreamt of him yesterday, text him and the next hour he is right in front of me. Haha. Abang oii, bila nak kasi kad jemputan kawin? I'm waiting. Thanks coz joining us, holding my things while i'm busy running here and there, complaining too much bout me & everything la! Sorry if i did too childish to hang out with you yang much-much older than me. I am still the same Diana when i was 15 ok, love cute things & love do cute things. Even i am not that cute. Haha. If you still can remember la. Aiyak, enough with you my ex! ;p

Eagle Eye best!

Guys, thanks for coming eh. Meriah rumah i digegar korang. Syafiq, i want the pixie nanti. Upload di Friendster ya! Aiya.. sorry if my home macam messy or the food biasa-biasa sahaja. Haha. Tiada masa untuk mengemas tadi memandangkan tetamu sebelum itu baru pulang lagi pula dirumah saya tiada chef yang hebat untuk masak. Hanya masakan tangan ibu dibantu oleh dua anak yang 'comel'. Hahahahaha..

Selamat hari raya kanak-kanak beraya. Excited! ;p

To that son of the bitch. Is it a must for you to list the good things that you ever did to me? Hello. Please stop playing childish la weh. If that you called love before, i think you should learn the meaning of love and sacrifice more. Cause you won't complain if you did love that someone. No matter how big or how hard you did sacrifice for that person, you did it because of love NOT hoping for something back. Got it? So stop digging for the good side of you coz i don't want to know, all i can see now is you're the one who makes me being like this. Conclusion, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE ANYMORE! I said it many times and i hope this will be the last this time.

Look the same huh my face? But dude, i am chaging. To be a better person and surely better than you. Don't make the same mistake again next time. I am not a barbie doll and you won't get the second chance. Argh.. i hate to have you in my hard disc, but why you keep bugging me like a virus? Sialan, aku mahu engkau mati. Boleh?


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

me da upload the pixie d...
checkit out heh...
btw...mlm ini sgt saya bz...
esk saya buat dat tagged thngy