25 October 2008

Mama Panda in the house.

Well, i had enough sleep last night. At last, after a week lack of sleep. Aiyo.. I hate those test and assignment. And for the first time for the whole semester, EYEBAGS = Panda eyes. Heh. if before i am that miss polar bear now i need to change my name to miss panda. Aduyai. The eyebags make me wanna wear spec 24/7. Tak sanggup weh tengok.

miss panda in the house


A week juga i've been stuck without any entertainment. Heh, except on Tuesday la i'm going out to CS watching KAMI alone. Yes, i'm watching it alone. Don't called me pathetic, hahaha. I'm the one planning to watch it alone after most of my friends sume dah tengok. Well, the whole hall is mine, just mine sebab takde orang lain lagi yang nak tengok cite tu. So i am really dating with myself, as i planned juga. Popcorn and the drink is all mine. Sitting in the middle of the hall, couple sit pula tu. Halemak, macam kat rumah! Well, let me change it i'm dating with Nas-t. Gile ah perasan!

And for the whole week juga i've been busy with my study group. Thanks to those friends yang tak kedekut ilmu. Being with you guys merepeks and hang out sama sangat best. Peluk cium korang ah. I love to say that word each time my test end. Haha. You guys the best la! Let me list your name here.
Eacha-Yanti-Jijot-Ciki-Mok- Najib-Sis Nina-Ana

I'm not swimming alone. Sayang korang!!!!


Tolong bantu aku melewati semua.
Betapa hancurnya, hati dan jiwaku.
Betapa, betapa.

Betapa - Shiela on 7.

Ape kes? Heh, don't laugh! Loveeee this song now.


Selamat datang study week, starting next week. To all my friends, mari kita kenduri buku beramai-ramai. Mari juga buat UTM dipenuhi beruang panda. Hahahaha.


Ok,ok. Mahu pegi itu open house. Makan-makan! :)