09 October 2008


Thousands have lived without love, no one without water.

So are you expecting me to say sorry my dear? In your dream. Coz i am SURE i can survive without you. Another war, another confessions and the dead of our soul. Hell yeah this is really make me sick, if i can dump you into my grandfather's grave. Hopefully there is no coverage there, so i won't receive your wanna win statement. Do you know how to say sorry?


Britney new single, Womanizer. I love you Brit! Stop play stupid.
Dedicating this song to who eh? Womanizer, go to hell babeh. I want to kick your butt after let you know what the meaning of heartbroken. Heh, did they have heart?

Talking bout a womanizer. I am glad to know a guy who is a womanizer before but already changed now. Being a loyal lover now. I am proud of you man, i know you do too. Proud of yourself huh? Keep it up, don't be that type of jerk anymore. Thanks to that girl who accidentally make him realize and changing. Clap-clap-clap.


I've made a huge mistake
If before i keep running away from it
Now i choose to stop
Turn around and face it
But facing it make me sick
Sick of them
Always blamming me for my past
If i could erase their memory
Or shut them off
I will do it
So i can have both
The history & future