07 October 2008


Dear sis Irena.

I really had fun tonight. Heh. Thanks coz wasting my time jalan-jalan looking for your new class t-shirt but at last all your favourite t-shirt not fitted you. You need to diet la sis, even i know you have that perfect body and i do envy you. (Not included your tummy ok, need more sit ups and julap la sis. Hahaha.) At last you bought a card for your syg. I am the one who find the card tau Shahril.

Oh hantu, kau buat aku malu sampai mahu jadi burung unta yang sembunyikan kepala dalam tanah tau tak. Heh. I should not trust what you said la sis. Kepala mengong ini budak, khianat kakak je tawu. Next time kita buang eh welcome sign kedai tu. Macam mahu tampar kau je tengok kau gelak-gelak dalam kete. Pretending to be cute huh sis?

This time i really do want to thank you la sis. Thanks coz accompany me stalking that guy. This is the second time i see him this semester. Being admiring him since my first year and i think you had heard about him so many times before. Gosh, he is still the same and i know i am still the same too. Admiring him only if he is there and easily forget him afterwards. Terukkan? But he is somekind of my happiness here. Being too excited when i see him, without reason. Maybe today is my lucky day. :)

Openroom at 216.

Ramai gila coming. The lesbo babes. This is the first time for this semester we all gathering together. Everyone pun bawa kuih raya, we eat together and talk craps. Mostly bout girl things, they make fun of it. Ketawa all the time. Hilang stress buat assignment traffic tadi, happy mode now. :)

Penglipur lara Aryanti mula membuka cerita. All of us ketawa like hell dengar cerita pengalaman Fifi balik raya. Sorry Fifi, i did sympathy but i can't stop from laughing la babe! Most of us pun ketawa, except Yatyat yang buat sympathy face. Yat, you memang the best la! Dah last-last minute baru you nak ketawa. Fifi, next raya take note tau, barang tak payah banyak & make sure your ticket tu betul-betul. But, cerita ini boleh jadi drama raya.

Tonight memang best la babes! Tq-tq-tq.

To one of my trash list.Stop contacting me, i just get irritates to receive you message each day. I don't know why, i just hating you too much. Stop saying sweet words coz it means nothing for me now. Stop remembering bout our memories coz it means nothing too for me now. Stop trying to winning my heart back coz i am so sure I DON'T WANT TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE ANYMORE. This is karma babeh, and karma always play bitch. Let me tell you something, you will not get the second chance coz you don't deserve it. You don't deserve me at all. So, stop trying and go away! Told ya, don't play with this moody Diana. Coz i love play nasty with the situation.

Honest, moody to receive his msg shj. With others, saya chill. (^.^)

p.s : Malam makin larut. Esok kelas pukul 8. Semoga ada bom atom yang mengejut. ;p


Barthugs said...

*Openroom at 216.*

ketupat palas saye jadi mangse keadaan...

ifarr said...

ad trash list tuu!haha..(boley ke ketawa?huhu)

beshnye openroom ngn gfs~! gossip bebeh!haha..

Diana said...

hahaha. yana tak dapat mkn pun ketupat itu. ;(
open house jemput saya eh. ;p

haha. ketawe je, padan muka juga kat trash list itu. Menyemak otak aje.
Gossip sampai pecah perut kot.

irena said...

hahahaha.kedai dh tutop la dek.dtg esk bole?
wakakakakaka.tak bley la.
siap org tuw dh kunci pintu lg.