26 March 2013


Some may be lucky in love, some it is just so hard like they want to give up.

It is rezeki. Like some may be rich, some may be so-so and some is poor. I believe that God is fair in everything. You might be lucky in your career but messed up with your love life. Or you might have a very good relationship with family and friends but you found yourself hard to juggling with studies. It is just the matter of time that we will realize that things are actually fair to all people. And if we see perfection in a person, it is may be they are good at embrace positiveness in their life and God helps them to hide the weaknesses in them. Nothing is ever perfect accept Him. 

I can't be thankful enough cause I can see I am dealing well with life now. Or maybe the workloads are getting heavier and I just don't want to give a damn anymore. Decided to stay at hostel even how scary this place can be is never a mistake (or not for now). 

- I rarely have a bump with my floormates 
- The aisle is dead spooky actually
- I think there is a small forest near to the toilet which makes it feels eerie if I need to go to the toilet middle of the night
- I saw goat, chicken and boar near to that small forest
Wait, is it a forest? :/
- Oh, I am living at the ground floor and I don't like it as the security level is low compared to other levels
- My window view is a big box of water tank - which I once imagined a 'girl' will be as same high as that box standing there - and I never open the curtain during the night eversince

Well, each time there is someone sending me back to my block they will ask, why so far. But believe me this place is so quiet like you can sleep the whole day without any disturbance, unless if the weather is F hot. I don't know why, but I woke up just now because I'm sweating and it is dead hot!

Well, perfection is never going to be a human right. To boast on what you have is not a good idea cause He borrowed this life and everything that we have temporarily so appreciate each of it and be grateful.

Till next time. x.o.x.o

p.s: If life gives you hardship, be hardcore to deal with it.