13 September 2013

Tioman Catch Up

Because I miss the sea breeze.

Hence, I see the pictures of it. Tioman Island. :)

Well, since the first time I've been there, I know I am in love. In fact I fell in love so hard until I can't stop myself to go there every year. And it's been three years now.

First time I been there is with my colleague. It was fun because all of us is like a family. We eat, snorkel, play cards, talks, play volley ball, bbq - honestly it was a very fun trip. I spent hours at the beach even during the night time just to appreciate the view. 

A hang out spot around Salang Indah. Anyway, I miss that long long hair!

The kids. My favorite. :)

The thing that is the best is we all have our own boat just for us, no other tourist :)

Look at the water! It is crystal clear you can even see the fish!

So much of the tired Diana. Selfieee

We're staying at Salang! Who have been here must know this.

My sarcasm mentor! He is gone - missing! 

So it was on April 2011. Salang Indah. The place is happening even at night. The accommodation is good but don't expect a 4 stars hotel, you obviously at an island.So I shall say, expect the least.

Somewhere in May 2012, I renew my love towards Tioman. This time is with my bestfriend since highschool staying at Nipah, my friend's chalet. I basically stops at Genting and ride a boat to Nipah and it took 15 minutes. But I tell you, it is worth the stay at Nipah. That place is a definition of peace and freedom.

The best thing is, no phone reception. I don't even mind about my phone and all. And that place is so quiet, hardly to hear annoying sounds I live in the sound of the waves and the sea breeze is so refreshing. Highly recommended to those who want to have a break from their hectic life. The thing that I like is here besides of the peacefulness is, they have a river connected to the sea. I tell you, swim in a river/sea is one thing but swimming between it, ya Rabbi, best gila! Not too hot and not too cold. But mind the taste of the water la kan. 

See, isn't this a beauty?

We are enjoying swimming in the afternoon I tell you. 

During the low tide can take good photo at that location. Psstt, with good lighting I tell you.

I can sit here reading for the whole day. Or week.

Wind chimes. Ahhh I love the blue sky too!

Abbas my man! You can meet him if you go there. If you baik with him, he can bring you to a good place at Genting. And I tell you that place is so unique.

My BFF. Always. :)

Last day! 
So, I can say Nipah is a great place to run from hectic life. And that place is not crowded with people like Genting and Salang. So you can use the space to sun bathing without people make faces and all. But if you like to mingle and meet new people, this place is not gonna fit you.

And, I have been to Tioman last August with my family. Abah keeps wonder why I am so eager to go every year so this time he decided to go together. Which I am so glad to hear that. As I am going with my parent, I decided to stay at Salang Beach Resort as Salang Indah are fully booked. Compared between 2 of this place, Salang Indah is much better as it is near to the center part of Salang. 

The parent. My back bones all along. 


You even can see the fish from the jetty

Can't help it not to love this place. Someday someday I see you again. Ohh, maybe another thing that I like about Tioman is because I think this place is cheap, compared to any other island in Malaysia. I usually spend less than 300MYR, i think. 

So till then!