17 May 2016

Being emotional

The moment I realized that you betrayed me, that is the moment I stop talking.

I am a very personal person, I hardly share my personal life with others. But when I started to trust someone, I tend to tell every details of my life. Which, whenever they broke my trust, it took a long time to heal again. But this time I taste betrayal and I doubt I can be normal anymore.

Fakers gonna fake fake fake.

I wonder how people dealing with trust issues without making any drama. I am the type of person who speak out what I think, but over the time after many episodes of drama - I finally realize, silent is the best problem solving. And to forgive and let is pass. To have grudge on someone, to keep replaying the unpleasant moments and to hold back the feelings, it go nowhere. It just bring another hatred in life.

Thank God, I have my partner to share our opinion, my family as my backbones and few close friends that always be by my side. 

p.s: Miss me?