13 June 2011


I may not like what you are doing but I respect who you are; because maybe who you are tomorow will be better than who I am today. - Tariq Ramadan

So yes, yesterday I am involved in a high-school type of drama role but the different is - it is a true story. Lol. I respected whatever people gonna judge me because I know no matter what I said to defense myself, they will still think what they wanna think and easily calling others as a slut/bitch without really know that person. I know where am I standing and I choose to play silent-dump-stagnant because I don't want to be a director of a drama. Excuse me, I am no Queen Blair to be dramatic. 

And somehow, my mood today are distracted by yesterday issues until I found that quotes. I've decided to not complaining anymore. I just hope sooner or later she will learn to be more wise. Insya Allah.

Maybe, I am childish. But sometimes, I learn to be more considerate and I hate to hate people or do drama or give chance people to hate me. We live once, so I would love to enjoy every second of it. It is just a waste of time to be negative or put yourself in a bad situation.

Still, I would love to apologize if I'm being such a slut. TROLOLOLOL. Never meant to be one. Judge me - but I bet you can't be like me if you're in my shoe miss. Got me?

p.s: I am into tumblring now; Diana's Tumblr. 


yatie said...

what happen babe? are you ok?

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...

be strong! :))

Farra Rebelle said...

that's great! you sangat baik. can forget and boleh pujuk diri sendiri dengan baik. kalau i lah. sure i dah tumbuk-tumbuk dah orang tu. hihihi.. joking..

Diana Naubi said...

I am okay. but tu la, trust issues i kena drag sekali. Malang enough I ni. ;p

I am strong! Alwaysss. :D

Thehehe. secretly yana imagine to kill org yg yana tak suka. ;p