14 April 2011

Let it be, let it out

Usually when I messed up, I really avoiding this thing cause I just know how to curse non stop and complaining. Last few day I tweeted;

Karma, you fucked me real hard this time. I almost gave up until I realize how bitchy you are. I'm fine now.

And the emotional tweets keep going on for these few days. Which probably some of my followers might annoys with it. So I've decided to make my twitter account to private as before it can be read by anyone. I hate when people judging me from what I've wrote either in my blog or in my twitter account. Believe me, what you're reading here is just minor percent of me, in real life - I am way complicated.

I am good at pretending or should I call myself as a poker-face-person. I still can laugh and do stupid jokes even with my heart broken.

Here, I would apologize to all my followers in my twitter if I being so emm amazingly negative in my timeline. I gave up on blogging now, I just don't think it is the right thing to do at the current moment. But I do love my domain, I do love to see www.diana-naubi.com been visited by people and sometimes, I do happy to see other bloggers and be friend with them. I would be more than happy when they seems care with my entry even I know it is a total craps. Example is now, I am sharing this unknown feeling with everybody who might be here.

Hah. I'm having an issues with myself now which I'm being soooooooo sensitive and negative. Which I don't know why and how it happen. I keep blaming my hormones but fuck the hormones, how come you can make me became so fragile while I usually the ignorance person. I don't give a shit to something that might hurt me. Pfffffft.

Maybe, maybe I need a runaway vacation right now. Looking forward for it. BUT, the workloads at my office is stressing me out and I don't want to be the irresponsible one who's running from my thing. Haih. I need strength more than anything right now. 

Till then love.