12 April 2011

Single train

How to ride a single train without wasting tissue(S)?

Breaking off ? It is not the end of the world babeh, it is a start of a new journey. The journey of I-love-myself-more-than-you-EX! So don't waste your time crying, day dreaming wishing everything is back to 'normal' or do stupid things - NOOOO! Don't do that. All you need to do is make up your mind - be positive and you're ready to mingle.

What I mean by mingle is not go flirting with all the guy you saw. But go contact long lost friend, hang out with the girlfriends, or maybe you can ask you parent for a movie. Believe me, you will appreciate those quality time with your parent. Did they ever once broke your heart into pieces or back-stabbed you? Effing no way. They always supporting you since day one your mom knows that you are in her tummy. Alahai~ ;')

So, first, try to hang out with the parent. Which usually for us teenagers, we always spend time with the friends and boyfriend - who says our parent aren't cool enough to hang out with?

Usually when I broke up, I'm facing a serious face problem which lead to pimple, not one or two - but sometimes dah macam party jerawat. (T.T) And to those who's facing the same problem as me, don't make those thing become worst. Pamper yourself. Buy aromatherapy candle, apply mask on your face with 2 cucumber on your eyes, listen to your fav song (please avoid those sad love songs!) and let it be for an hour. Think about yourself - what should you do next. Relaxxx.

Secondly basically pamper yourself. Pergi urut pun cara jugak.

During the break ups, you should learn to love yourself more. Date with yourself, find your inner self. Then you'll realize that actually special - everybody is special in the own ways. Don't ever feel bad about the breaking up, don't feel like a jerk because he let you go or what so ever. But if you realized that you have some bad habits, try to change that - not for anyone else, but for yourself. 

Third, learn to love yourself instead of loving strangers who might be broke your heart.

Distract yourself from thinking about love. Watch comedy movie, watch handsome korean guy, go jamming - i recommended you to play drum - do anything that can make you happy. But don't do drugs or do something stupid - if you know how to love, you might know the different of good and bad things don't you? And you'll meet lotsa new people and you will appreciate the freedom of being single. I mean, no one  even bother to say, "no you can't" - I think it is the best part of being single - you're in control with your life.

Yes, don't think too much about the breaking up. Live you life like nothing happen. 

I think thats all that comes out in my mind at the moment. Oh, I'm doing this for fun which probably I'm not the one with the broken heart now. Or, did I ever have any heart after it once shattered into pieces before? Only god knows cause I also confused with myself - maybe it is the hormone issues.

One last word is, be positive. No matter what happen, or how hard it is just make up your mind and take all those things that happen in your life is a journey and some how at the end of it you might find a happy ending.

p.s: Any other tips on how to face the break up thingy? Spill it out on the comment! ♥ 


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