25 May 2011

When Us Became Me and You

This is my first time making an entry confirming about myself now. I would like to make things crystal clear now; I am officially over with Mikah. Its have been few months now.

Yes, things gone really ugly at the end of the relationship. Breaking up is the most painful phase in life, after you put a total stranger by your side. And from me getting so much of we and us. It stops, and all the promises and dreams that 'we' used to talk about it is just gone nowhere. Believe me, something in here (directing my hand to the heart) it missing something - there is a hole left.

I can put the end of our relationship is mostly because we're drifted away by the situation. He have his point of view and so do I - we don't think in sync. And we've been aparted by our own feelings and assumptions. Well, I also can't decide when we really drifted away - it is just gone without any signal. But I might say, I moved on. Yes, 'that' fast, because my assumption are; when its over - it is really over.

However, I would like to apologize to him of course - because I know I am not a good girlfriend. I messed up at the end of the relationship. And I've been so selfish and thick hearted till now. I'm so sorry if I hurt you.
I am so grateful to know his family and friends. When I'm with Hakim, everyone from his side supporting us and accepting me as I am. Thank you and I am sorry if I did disappoint you in any way - I am just a human, imperfect. Hopefully, our friendship is still there even I'm over with him. Believe me, it is something that I can't control. Some friends that I won't forget is; Najah, Yah, Iskandar and Yazid. You people are my dearest friends. And Hakim's family too, they have been really nice to me. I felt like a family when I am with them. Thank you for everything. ;')

When I've decided to blog about it, yes you should know how serious this thing are. I kept it for quite some time and now I am ready to let the others know. Not proudly bragging it, but humbly apologize for my imperfections that leads to this breaking up. I hope someday, he might find his right woman and they will be happily ever after. Yes, he is a good BF. Loyal, a good listener, humble, full of manners and he got looks. Maybe he is not the one for me.

So much memories to be kept. And I still have long way to go with this life. As I said before, I won't stop and look at my past - I won't stare and regret. Life is too short for me to regret, it is a learning process and it is a journey.

And so I moved on to my next chapter of life. Hoping for the best for both of us.

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NajahZulkifli said...

rase nk crying infront of my lappy,when i finished the last word,

hurm is it because of the distance?

btw yana,i'll be at jb on 25th tau,nk sleepover dgn u boleh?i'm coming alone.nnti amek dekat airport ok?

i love u no matter what.
ouh and nnti kite pergi makan tutti fruity hilangkan sedih okayh?

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...

mengapa kah?? sangat terkejut la kawan!

Diana Naubi said...

Hey Najah,
maybe one of the reason is the distance. i just dont know where did er done wrong - it just happen. seriously if u were here i surely gonna share with u. i miss u and Yah.

orait, will do! 25th june i dah booked for u babe! we do girls things kat jb. yeay!

maybe bukan jodoh. hehe. tak tau la awk. nak balik utm macam dulu please?

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...

sabar banyak-banyak-banyak-banyak-banyak ok?

girlwiththeblueflamingo said...

i know how it felt
3 years of we and us end just like that.
i'm trying to put myself together again
kem slm irena ye :)

Bashtiah said...

Hi, I just went through a break up myself... What's more to say... Just move on :)

Farra Rebelle said...

sayang.. macam sangat sedih bila tahu pasal ni. and i'm sorry sebab i baru tahu after i read all this.. i know you're strong. you have gone through this thing and i pernah ada beside you that time.. even though takde la i sangat lama dengan you. but i kenal you. you sangat pandai jaga diri kan? sangat pandai pujuk diri kan? bertabah tahu sayang...