13 September 2011


Maybe it is just me, but the reason why I don't tag people on the photo I've uploaded in my Facebook account is because others (which is the person who got tag's friends) can see the photo. Which, I don't really comfortable with it. Worst, they can comment and like it and hello notification from a stranger, oh Facebook make it as 'friend with _______ commented on your photo' and I was like, damn I hate the new Facebook. 

I don't approve people I don't know because I hate to have strangers updates on my news feed. And it annoys me if they update their status like it is an effing Twitter - sign up for one then! Too lovey dovey or too negative people also makes me tempted to hide them from my news feed. It's like having viruses in my damn news feed.

It is just me because I got notifications via my phone and I am sick of it. But Facebook connects me with my friends from primary school till now - so jyeah deactivating it is such a stupid thing to do. Hehe. 
I can't wait for Google+ project to be released. Macam interesting thing to try. 

Well, I'm still at the office now. Gotta work extra hours because I'm on few days holiday starting tomorrow! I can't wait for my first bestfriend's wedding. Gashh. 

Anyway, am I complaining now?

Assalammualaikum  =)


Miss Kira said...

i just deactivate my fb and this new fb is limited for fews only..

Diana Naubi said...

my current account pun for friends and some bloggers yg i rapat. hehe. anyway, privacy kurang kan as ada fb. hehe