13 September 2011

What If

My brain is still functioning and I don't know why I can't sleep. So as I know I havent blog for few days, hello and Assalammualaikum people ♥

I browse through my playlist and suddenly I am thinking of this one song, What If by Jason Derulo. Yes I know it is was so last year, but what the heck. This song is one of my favorite because our life is so unpredictable. The lyrics itself pun macam give me a picture of uncertainties in life. Macam you're my boyfriend now but I don't know how the future will lead us. From a stranger became a lover yet at the end why we're not together anymore? 

Fate people, jodoh. We'll never know.

Don't know what tomorrow brings
But I'm still hoping
That you are the one for me
And what if I had you and
What if you had me and
Baby, what's the reason we can't fall in love?

But we can't
We can't tell
The future no
But that's just, the beauty of the world we know
So Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
Baby, what if
We all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
Baby, what if

When I wake up in the morning, I feel like any other insecure 24-years-old girl. Then I say, I deserve to be happy, why wasting my time felt terrible with myself, my life? I have job, I have a happy family, friends - lots of them, #tuanku - of course yes I have him and I've got the chance to live another day today, alhamdulillah. Oh not to forget, workloads. Bhahaha. I love my job!

The reason why I am still smiling and less complaining it is because I am learning how to appreciate my life. Appreciate every minute of it. Thanks to abah he never failed to remind me of what I have and what others don't. Tak adalah I asyik compare myself with Paris Hilton, Kardashian's family ect ect. Compare myself with the Somalia people or orang susah macam Bersamamu TV3. And again, Alhamdulillah.

p.s: I'm off to my friend's wedding tomorrow. Small reunion. Perasan bridesmaid. ♥