07 September 2009


Again, suddenly the mood to blog is here. Padahal baru semalam hu-ha kat rakan-rakan nak pencen blog. (-.-“) Ni semua angkara internet connection yang sumpah baik ngan I and suddenly I jadi malas nak type sem ni. Apesal tah.

For me blog is a place to express or something to share. Pasal tu kadang-kadang rasa my blog ni macam diary harian yang sangat bosan untuk dibaca. And usually I talk non sense kat sini. So you know, I don’t expect readers melainkan my friends. Ceh, macam diorang baca pula. Ok da lari topic.

Then, once I share it is just a feeling at that time. Example I marah someone, then I shared it here dengan saying all about him yang more to tak puas hati or my disappointment. But then after a few hours I dah okay and another few days I dah ok dengan that person siap apologize segala dan boleh bergelak ketawa. But suddenly that person read my entry which is after few days pergaduhan and by that time we’re chill orang kata. And that person started untuk tak puas hati and ungkit segala. Hello, can you see its clearly stated that the entry is few days ago punya? Lame ok you.

Haha. It is not my situation pun. But I used to be like that dulu-dulu and I felt sorry to myself and them. Myself is because I can’t control my anger and let the whole world know if they did baca that entry. And towards them, because they did not taking it as sharing moment tapi think negatively. Kasihan ok. So I end up by private my blog and give myself space untuk talk everything I like. But lama-lama I stop being like that and take everything dengan chill.

So dear, my advise, relax. Not everything yang kita buat orang suka. And we doing it with reason kan? So stick with what you think, even dia sumpah irritate gila, I’ll always support you lah!

Btw, I’m going out with my babes on Wednesday for my shopping raya. And I just can’t wait for it. Macam nak lajukan masa pegi hari Rabu, but tanak terima kenyataan that I have test on Friday. Ciss. Dah la totally memorize punya subject, bagai mahu tukar otak jadi hard disc then copy paste je notes dalam otak. Heh, fikiran orang yang stress. ;-p

Okey la, need to get ready for my class. Goodbye for now!