26 September 2009

Entri Cepat

1. I just realized that my previous entry is damn crowded with all the colours and large font. Ouh. Feels like want to delete it.

2. I can’t find my digicam cable. How to upload the photos la?

3. I am addicted to guitar geek now. It is all Jijot’s fault because scored more than 20 millions. Ceh, I dah kejar.

4. Stressed with the final year project. Need to use forth gear lah after this.

5. Promise I won’t text her fiancée anymore. Oi guy, back off, you’re engaged ok.

6. Want to upload her photo with her family playing bunga api but I’m not wearing tudung at that moment. How? (Ceh, macam tade je gamba free hair I kat mana-mana)

7. My part time job salary will be kept safely. I need to save some money!

8. Siapa nak belanja I Marc Jacobs handbag? :(

Ok dah, want to sleep. Too tired lepas having 8 cars coming to my house. Pesta makan-makan serta bermain bunga api pula. My cousin pesan, upload gambar. Mana cable?

p.s: Agak-agak la weh, balak gua tu. (Kes kemaruk baru tengok movie bohsia. Lame, ok, as always lah!)