11 September 2009


Hello hello!

My test was over and the term is over for me as I planned to skip all my class next week. I can’t adapt anything related to study because the Raya mode is here! Ceh, ceh, padahal I am pretty sure puasa tak cukup. ;-p

I already got my baju raya and the shop with my babes’ sangatlah sleeply cause I don’t get enough sleep that day. So I seem like sleep walking and wandering looking for baju raya. Sumpah my face at that moment memang mamai. I got losta new tudung with kaler berbagai-bagai and will find more soon as I planned not to be like my sis yang cuma pakai tudung hitam plain setiap waktu. Haha. Sorry sis.

Yesterday I did having steamboat as my breaking fast. My friends know that I ni jarang makan steamboat sebab I think it is weird, takut salah rendam makanan and tak masak kot. Haha. Merepek bagai. Kejap-kejap, why am I telling you I makan steamboat? Sebab it is for the third time of my life. So that you know, next time boleh belanja I makan steamboat ok. Nak udang banyak! Haha.

What else eh? Oh yah, since I have twitter, I always talk there until I forgot to update my blog. Padahal jarang pun bukak twit. But then, to those yang ada that account and want to be my follower you can find me, dianaubi. Hiks. I loveeee tweeting around.

Oklah, need to sleep, good night! Oh silap, morning for the normal human time. Gaha!