17 September 2009



I’m busy for few days lah, so the blog had been abandoned juga. As you all well known I’m working with Celcom for their roaming project. And to avoid working during raya I need to work 4 days straight and looking for Singaporean even on the weekdays susah bagai nak cari orang. But well, I still had fun. I just don’t know, why being with the Celcom babes is much better now. Maybe because we’re not really attached or we’re always let thing goes by it flow. Hiks, bagaihanging out with the ABG’s yang always understand me. Thank you darlings!

Kak Ann always be with me. Datang melawat and text me like a boyfriend. Seriously I’m getting close to her after joining this project. And the main reason why I still work even I know I am damn tired is because of her. Haha. Love you la sis. I would like to thanked Mikah juga because giving me the chance to work. Certain time you did come over to had dinner with me, I really do appreciate it. You mean a lot to me juga lah. So gaji 50-50 okey? ;-p

I also will upload photo kenangan dalam fesbuk even obviously I’m not wearing tudung. If before I said I do care, but now I just want to share the one of the great moment of my life there. Hihi.

Oklah, nothing else. Bye!