22 September 2009

Why I’m sucks while driving at Singapore?

1. Because of the expressway yang have 4 lanes and it is difficult if I want to change the lane. (ape kena mengena? Maybe byk sgt lane kat dlm side mirror)

2. The names of each expressway are damn weird. Eg; PIE, KJE, BKE ect. If kat Malaysia it stated clearly where are we going. Ye eh? Too blur to think lah!

3. Maybe because of the rules yang lain. How eh nak explain? It is different lah. The traffic light punya rule then the zebra crossing yang suddenly je ada kat road.

4. I saw like hundreds of camera kat tiang lampu. Wondering why tak kena curi HAHA.

5. If I did accident with a Singapore car, how much it will cost me and what is my dad’s expression. (-.-“)

6. My mom is so worried sampai she always complain the way I drive. And do you know how it feels? It is sucks. Macam nak keluar dari kereta and tidur lagi bagus. ;-p

7. Because my family is with me, all of them. I scared that I messed up and can cause serious accident. I just want them to be safe when I’m driving. :-)

Sleepylah. Bye!