08 September 2009

An explaination

Hey I would like to make something clear here. Heh, before you-you-you being curious and judging me baik I say something. Nanti jadi macam kris dayanti pula. Semua orang macam salahkan Kris. So well, my guy just now let me go. So you know, maybe he amplify his madness towards me using facebook. Reason? You will think it is lame and laugh all over if you know the reason. Untuk menjaga hati semua pihak, I malas nak explain kecuali to those yang suppose to know sahaja. And it was lame okay sampai I malas nak comment.

Moral of the story in a relationship we need trust okay anak-anak, without that better tayah move on. Besides that we should understand each other. And as usual, something happen with a reason. (:

Ceh, konon-konon pura-pura strong. (-.-“)
Oh, I am good okay. Trust me. HAHA