06 October 2009

Total Craps.

Its been a long time since my last entry. Yeah, I have been busy with all my things. And loads of assignments need to be done before study week. Seriously, this the moment I feels like want to quit studying. Damn-damn.

It is not done yet, I have test at 8p.m.And I don’t even started yet. Heh, really? Ok, I WANT to start but I can feel my body doesn’t perform like usual. I feel sick. Wish I can get an excuse as I am not fully prepared yet. Heh, pernah fully prepare ke eh? ;p

Last week was hectic, until I can’t find the time to blog. So you now how busy am I back then. But still, I still read some of my favorite’s blogs. And like I said, I tweet a lot compared to blog now. Even I realized I tweet the unimportant things each time I online. But what the heck I locked my tweets eh? Seriously, I hate stalker.

Certain time I had the feeling to delete everyone in my facebook friend lists and be more strict to accept the request. I mean, if I don’t know you, I don’t bother bout the request. I hate to see strangers news feed. I hate others to see me, Eventhough they’re not really stalking me like everyday but they still have the possibility to look into my life. Pathetic isn’t it? I tried to protective, without reason.

Why suddenly I talk about this? I don’t know why now, I usually get a friend request from guys that usually add girls. I mean, if I check throughout our mutual friends it is full of girls and hello, I don’t even know him. Like, what the hack, are you collecting girls in your friend list? And are you proud of having like thousands friend in your friend list but you don’t even know them? Like derrrrr… It is just a feeling. Maybe.

Gapo mu hah nak moody-moody? Mu ni pelik, aneh!
Hihi. Ok this crazy Diana will end her craps here. Till then.