19 October 2009

Spill out

Do you know certain time I felt like I am from the outer space. Yeah, at least I have a human face but certain time I take simple things differently. Worst, I act weirdly. Ok, it is something not to be proud off. But I used to live that way.

Once I started to believe in someone, I gave all the trust to that person without having any second thought. I don’t even doubting to share. But at the end, I lost my faith to him/her, without any reason, without any words, I just go. And live alone like I used too.

Anyways, living alone is not that bad. You know, the feeling of doing anything without someone stopping you or judging you. It’s precious cause you have you own life without anyone bugging in. But well, certain time you’ll feel lonely but who cares?

When I’m envying people, I put myself in the negative ways. Like, "if I can be better like him/her surely it will be great". Sometimes when I’m being like this, I am someone bored for you to hang out with. But seriously, it is so not me.

I easily get stressed with human’s attitude. I annoy but I rarely talk about it, after few days I forgot. But why some people love to be a nosey parker? Heh, trying to be like mami jarum? Or if you want something glamour, Gossip Girl babeh! Ok, get a life. It brings nothing good.

Anything else?

Yes, Diana Kau Memang Freak!