16 October 2009

ILY sis.

At last I am done with the blog layout. Phew. But I still not satisfied with my header ni. Will do something bout it once I am free soon and if I already install Photoshop in my laptop. Damn, blame the computer viruses that affecting my systems few days ago. Because of that I need to format my laptop. Luckily all of my precious assignments are still well kept in my hard disc. But still, thanks to Hakim. :-)

Ouh, I have something to share.

It is a lovely afternoon. I’m doing my assignment at the dining room while my sis took a nap at the living room. Suddenly she’s awake and both of us heard the ais-krim calong motorcycle passing by outside.

My sis asking me either I want to but the ice cream or not cause it’s been a long time since we last ate that type of ice cream.

I don’t mind of having it but I asked her to pay for me as I had no idea where is my purse. Lagipun, saving babehh.

Without any doubt she just grabs the towel as she being too sexy to go outside and asked me to stop the motorcycle.

I ran outside and stopped that guy and my sis bringing her purse along with a big smile. I bought durian flavour while my sis tamak try all those flavours available. ;-p

While waiting for that guy my sis asked me how much will it cost?

I said, I don’t know. Because it’s been a long time kan tak beli. I took my ice –cream and wait for my sis pula.

So my sis prepared rm2 for each ice-cream. Mean rm4 for overall la kan. Then that guy said it is rm1 each.

So done, we enjoying our ice-cream. My sis suddenly tell me it is too cheap until she want to buy ten of it. Heh, see, i told you, tamak!

Now she is listening to lagu apetah. And she is keep smiling while chatting with IDK who. Crazy yes I know. But still, I love you sis.

Thanks for the ice-cream MOK!

p.s: I don’t have the lovey dovey feeling today. Wondering why, too busy maybe? Hiks.